About me

Creative Statement

SemI grew up in a diverse family with different nationalities, sexual orientations, life stories and views on life. From up close I learn about the differences in people, why they have a particular view on life and how this is not been seen by the norm.

As a designer, my goal is to raise empathy awareness, provide information and ask ethical questions on subjects which are mostly related to social issues or problems caused by human beings. I design for and about people, subjects or other things that are not been heard by the big public. Visual storytelling, design fiction and speculation are important ways of telling these stories, executed in different media.

What would happen if we would think further than our own lives? In perspective: not only caring about your own benefits. In time: not only looking to yours and your offsprings lifetime but to the bigger picture and future. With these perspectives, we can find innovative positive visions.


E-mail: sempanhuizen@live.nl | LinkedIn: Sem Panhuizen| Plaats/City: Gemert, The Netherlands