Wealth (Work in progress)

Sterven voor een iPhone

poster mockup

In China, thousands of factory workers are poisoned by hexane. They work in factories to clean iPhones screens. Their nervous system gets affected. The recovery can take more than two years. In the beginning, everything looks positive for the workers. They get 450 euro a month, which is well paid in there eyes, but there is no transparency in these companies and have no contracts.

They play a game with Chinese citizens but in the end, blood will be spilt and it is on Apple’s fingers.

This poster is a reaction to the article ‘Sterven voor een iPhone’ by Leen Vervaeke.

Wealth visualization

This is a visualization of the project wealth. The project is about 33 different critical articles, movies or audio. I made a connection between them and divided them into three categories. Society, Industry and Virtual.