Remember The Ladies (work in progress)

Why are all the famous scientist men? Why are there more famous painters? Why is for example ‘the first female lawyer’ such a big achievement? Why is history dominated by men? How can I make this history more accessible with visuals and how can I link the life changing matter with the Influential woman?

This is a selection of influential women in history. Accomplishments of women are oftentimes overlooked in history. Every source and every person has an other opinion of which woman is more influential than the other. I choose woman from a lot of different fields. In every field you can think of there is an influential person, among them woman as well. It is not a selection of woman I think they are most influential. It is a way to let more people know about these woman. It is a way of showing that woman are as important as men. It is information about what these woman have meant for the life, rights and the image that we have towards woman right now. I want to show a link between a woman and a life changing matter. I want to link the life changing matter to the face and name, and show that the mastermind, daredevil, badass is a woman. It is all about the status quo. This project is a reaction on a movement that is recurring in history time and time again.

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